In 2019, Telford & Wrekin Council declared a climate emergency. It is now working, along with partners, to go carbon neutral by 2030 – and to reduce single-use plastic across the council by 2023!

Learning, Communications and Public Engagement

We all have a part to play in climate change, but the challenge is finding the best ways to raise awareness, help people understand and find out more about what they can do to help.

These are the actions we have identified to support us to do this and ultimately encourage behaviour change from the residents of Telford and Wrekin:



Timeframe For Delivery

Organisation to lead on Delivery


Encourage local organisations to promote and get involved with national and local climate change campaigns.

1 – 2 years

Telford & Wrekin Council, supported by partners


Actively promote different green volunteer projects/opportunities as they arise

0-1 years to set up and then ongoing

Telford & Wrekin Council via the Volunteer Telford webpage


Develop an educational trail in a number of locations across Telford and Wrekin to help raise awareness and better understanding about climate change (this could involve signage and pictures for information sharing).

1-2 years

Combination of partners to support this project


Explore the use of solar powered digital screens to promote climate change initiatives

1-2 years

Telford & Wrekin Council


Create climate change videos and messages to send to schools and businesses to play on their own display screens to promote to visitors and staff 

1 – 2 years

Telford & Wrekin Council


Create different pieces of artwork that can be displayed around the borough to promote different aspects of climate change through art, sculptures and trails

1-2 years



Create opportunities for local people and groups to come together to have their say on important climate change issues, put forward ideas/ recommendations and help inform decision making

Set up 2021

Telford & Wrekin Council and partners


Explore developing an online climate change hub – to act as a point of contact for all things to do with climate change and what we are doing locally to tackle the issues as a partnership.  Also to enable more people to get involved.

2-5 years

T&W Borough partners


Working with schools and higher educational establishments, to allow them to get actively involved with climate change in a number of ways, through the use of volunteers, mentor schemes and being supported by business partners

1-2 years

· Telford and Wrekin Schools and Wolverhampton University

· Support from local businesses

· Schools


Support and promote faith communities / places of worship to sign up to eco faith schemes

0-1 years

Telford Interfaith Council


Promotion of the green social prescribing project to provide health and wellbeing services through green spaces-based activities

2-5 years

Small Woods, Severn Gorge Countryside Trust and Shropshire Wildlife Trust


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