In 2019, Telford & Wrekin Council declared a climate emergency. It is now working, along with partners, to go carbon neutral by 2030 – and to reduce single-use plastic across the council by 2023!

What is plastic pollution?

It's plastic where it shouldn't be. It's in the sea and on the beach and it's causing harm.

What is plastic pollution?

Over 150 plastic bottles litter each mile of UK beaches. A plastic bottle can last for 450 years in the marine environment, slowly fragmenting into smaller and smaller pieces which eventually end up microscopic but never truly go away.  A plastic bag is used on average for 15 minutes, yet could take 100 - 300 years to fragment.

Not all plastic is bad, it can be incredibly useful.  The big problem is single-use plastics and the quantities in which they are used.  We can all take a lead to reduce throwaway plastic see for hints and tips.

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